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Choose your OWN Print - PRE ORDER

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Pick your print is only available at minimum of 1m


This is digitally printed
Delivery: 6-8 weeks for delivery

How to order

1. Choose your fabric type

2.  Choose your quantity

3. If you have not selected a print yet click on the links and decide which design you would like and mention that in your notes at checkout. Should you forget or have your own design, please just email us.

Designs are available at

Printers Gallery

Or send us your pick from Depositphoto or any other online image website and even better send us your own creations


TURNAROUND TIME: With Pick your print option we get a few orders together before we send it to the printer.

It will not take longer than a week to get orders together and have it ready to send to the printer and from that date it is about 6 weeks for delivery.

If you choose a print while we are running a Pre Order, then your print will go with the close of the order

Please note : If you wanted to order a design that you might have seen on Etsy, depositphoto or any other image sites, please check with me first, because I might have the design on file already.

We can also help you with placements and resizing of the design.

    Some of For Fabric Sake designs is exclusive to us, so please do not copy them and have them printed somewhere else.

    Licensed designs from Custom Printing is only for personal use and  unless you have the right to sell items in bulk please be aware of the copyright laws for the different. This is also stated in my Terms and conditions.