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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

By using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions can be updated without notice

You should check the terms and conditions before making a purchase


Retail/In stock Fabric:

Fabric is sold by half meter increments.

We do not pre cut our fabric, so that means you will receive one continuous piece. If we get to end of roll and that is not possible, we will first contact and confirm before we send the fabric.

Example: If you require 1m, select QTY= 2, 1.5m, select QTY =3

Please do not order Retail and Pre Order/custom fabric together.

Pre Order Fabric:

If you order Pre order fabric with Retail fabric, we will send out your retail as per our retail turnaround time and when the pre order arrives we will send out your pre order.

We DO NOT hold retail for 6-8 weeks until the pre order arrives

You might incur additional freight if you do place Pre order with Retail


Please remember the fabric is digitally printed and can have minor defects due to the printing process

What is NOT seen as faults:

  • Tiny white speckles , should it appear all over and are big and visible from an arms length we will relook at it and our return policy will apply
  • Marks on the back of the fabric that is not visible on the front.
  • Small pin marks appearing on the selvage edge.
  • 10-15% Colour differences between print runs.

We always request for continuous fabric, but there could be instances where it arrives from the printer in multiple pieces. This is out of our control, and not seen as a fault.


Turnaround times:

Please note with Pre orders we have a 6-8 week delivery time.

Retail stock: We aim to send out your parcel asap, but we do ask that you give us 3 -5 working days to get it on the courier.


Custom Printing/Choose your own print:

  • Please be aware that if you print the licenced items please make sure you have the right to reselling the items. The prints that our printer provides @Custom Printing is only for home sewer's own use.
  • For Fabric Sake do not print any Licenced inspired prints.
  • For Fabric Sake will not be held responsible for anyone that do not follow the rules of the copyright law. As the customer you need the have the right to print the item you are requesting.
  • For Fabric Sake can not be held responsible for any prints that is done and might be cultural. As a business we do not have the know how about different cultural backgrounds and it is the responsibility of the artist/customer to know what they are printing is correct. 
  • For Fabric Sake can not be held responsible for late delivery from the printer.
  •  The colour of fabrics as depicted online cannot be guaranteed due to elements beyond our control such as variances in different device settings.
  • We recommend if you are not sure about colour of fabric to order a sample before ordering, which will be done at the printer and send back to us for you to confirm. This will take longer than the 6-8 weeks.
  • When printing your own design we will guarantee that we do not share your image or fabric with anyone
  • When using an image from Shutterstock, Depositphoto or any similar platform, please remember it is not exclusive and any other person can use the image and obtain the licence, For Fabric Sake can not be held responsible if someone else sends us the same design to be printed. 
  • No returns on custom order if you change your mind on the print.
  • For Fabric Sake do have the right to request the licence if we need to clarify the licence agreement that could allow us to print and item.
  • For Fabric Sake do not print any offensive prints or R18 prints

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