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About Us

For Fabric Sake provides high quality fabrics imported from Europe, Australia, Turkey and China
As we import our fabric from all over the world we also send our fabric all over the world.


Where all of this started

I had my own business in embroidery and CMT(cut make and trim) until I moved countries in 2009 and started working for Levana Textiles. A company that then already excisted for more than 50 years.

They manufactured merino and knit fabrics and it was a great opportunity for me to increase my skills and work with beautiful fabric. It was amazing to learn about all the knit fabrics and how they will behave if treated a certain way and what they should feel and look like to make a great garment.

By 2019 things had changed a bit and like most companies, manufacturing moved overseas. I saw that we were not going to have all this beautiful fabric anymore and I also got to know how difficult it is for our customers to get great fabric for their projects at fabric stores in NZ.

With encouragement from the CEO, I started importing fabrics that I knew were good quality and would be loved by all. Now, through the online fabric store For Fabric Sake supplies great fabric across mostly New Zealand and Australia, but we have sent a fair amount of parcwls with fabric across the globe.

With more than 20 years experience in customer service and more than 15 years working with textiles in one way or the other, I hope to bring you beautiful fabrics that will make your projects that much more interesting and exciting or even to start your own business selling items made with our fabric.
If you are looking for a digital textile printing company to help you create your own unique designs, For Fabric Sake can help there too. We offer digital printing /custom printing with any design you want to create personalized fabric.

We also have a range of designs on offer for you to print on a variety of fabric basis, if you have missed out on one of our designs that was done before.

We are always looking at new fabrics and listen to what the customer needs are, and for that reason we are always evolving. We love it and always want to bring our customer the best of the best in the fabric world.