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Bag Making Supplies



Zipps/Zipper pulls

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  1. Wonder clips- mixed colours
    Sold Out
  2. Wash-Away tape
  3. Thread Stand
  4. Snap Pliers
  5. Stretch sewing machine needles -Schmetz 75/11
  6. Ballpoint/Jersey sewing machine needles -Schmetz- 80/12
    Sold Out
  7. Twin Machine Needles – Universal -Schmetz 4.00/80
  8. Twin Machine Needles – Universal -Schmetz 3.00/90
  9. Stretch sewing machine needles -Schmetz 90/14
  10. Leather sewing machine needles -Schmetz
  11. Twin Machine Needles – Stretch-KLasse 75/4mm
  12. Twin Machine Needles – Stretch-KLasse 75/2.5mm
  13. Twin Machine Needles – Stretch -Schmetz 4.00/75
  14. Needles - Universal Assorted
  15. Sharp/Microtex sewing machine needles -Schmetz 80/12
    Sold Out
  16. Sharp/Microtex sewing machine needles -Schmetz 70/12
  17. Jeans sewing machine needles -Schmetz
    Sold Out
  18. Extra Long Glass Head Quilting Pins - 45mm
  19. Overlocker Tweezers
    Sold Out
  20. Bobbin Box
  21. Bobbin Case
  22. Tape measure
  23. Adhesive Tape meausure
  24. Auto Chalk Wheel Refills
  25. Auto Chalk Wheel
  26. Tailors Chalk
  27. White marking pen-Fine-CLOVER
    Sold Out
  28. Vanishing Marker-Purple