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Bag Making Supplies

Zipps/Zipper pulls

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  1. Wonder clips- mixed colours
  2. Wash-Away tape
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  3. Stretch sewing machine needles -Schmetz 75/11
  4. Twin Machine Needles – Universal -Schmetz 4.00/80
  5. Twin Machine Needles – Universal -Schmetz 3.00/90
  6. Stretch sewing machine needles -Schmetz 90/14
  7. Leather sewing machine needles -Schmetz
  8. Twin Machine Needles – Stretch-KLasse 75/4mm
  9. Twin Machine Needles – Stretch-KLasse 75/2.5mm
  10. Twin Machine Needles – Stretch -Schmetz 4.00/75
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  11. Needles - Universal Assorted
  12. Sharp/Microtex sewing machine needles -Schmetz 80/12
  13. Sharp/Microtex sewing machine needles -Schmetz 70/12
  14. Needles - Jersey Ball Point 90/14
  15. Extra Long Glass Head Quilting Pins - 45mm
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  16. Overlocker Tweezers
  17. Bobbin Box
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  18. Bobbin Case
  19. Wash out Marker pen-White
  20. Tape measure
  21. Adhesive Tape meausure
  22. Overlocker Threader
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  23. Auto Chalk Wheel Refills
  24. Auto Chalk Wheel
  25. Tailors Chalk
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  26. Vanishing Marker-Purple
  27. Sewing Machine Oil
  28. Point Turner