Pre order Guidelines & Dates

Please DO NOT order any retail fabric with your pre orders.

If you do I will have to charge you an additional freight charge on the retail fabric.

Please make sure to read the estimated time of arrival of the fabric before ordering, so that there is no expectation of receiving it immediately.

Please make sure to check the scale of the design before placing an order.

If we do not receive any order we might not run the fabric, so place your order and do not hope that we will have retail :)

Custom Printing:

How it works:

If you like a print you will be able to order it in a range of fabrics: 


Select your fabric you want your print to go onto.

Then select the meters.

Then the quantity that you require of that.

Example:If you want 3m

You will choose 1m and then quantity 3


You are able to order Half meter pieces, but when you request your own print it is minimum of 1m

The following fabrics are not available in Half meters:




Double Brushed Poly


Please read about Choose your own 

With the pre order you will get to Choose your own at the pre order price :)


Things we can not be held responsible for:

I can not be held responsible if the printer or customs are holding up the delivery.

There could be small faults on the ends of the fabric due to printing.

Small specs due to ink is not seen as a fault

Please keep in mind that prints differ in colour from one fabric to the other and we can not be held responsible for that.


Payment Options:

Paypal, Part Pay, Internet Banking, Credit card, Laybuy

DEPOSIT- 30% - If you want to use this option, please select Bank Transfer and let me know you would like to pay the order over the time we are waiting for it to arrive

PLEASE NOTE: I would need the 30% deposit before I will consider adding your order to our pre order

You will be able to use the same link for the invoice to pay of the remainder ofthe amount.



Prints arrives about 6-8 weeks after closing

9th -27th of December- Closed -With Printer

1 - 21st February 2020 

19th April - 8 May 2020

5th July - 24 July 2020 - Christmas prints

27th September-16 October 2020- Repeats for Christmas prints and new designs

11th January - 31st of January 2021



Other Pre order: Choose your own

This will be for items that is maybe out of season or fabric that we normally will not hold, but would love to give you the option of owning it.

We do a choose your own with the pre order and it works as follows

You select the fabric you would like

Choose the meters you want

In the notes you let me know which design AND if you forget to do that, just email me.

Design gallery

Then you pay the deposit OR you can pay in full

When the pre order closes I calculate all the order and then place the order with my supplier.

You would have seen the time frame of the pre order when you placed your order and as soon as it arrives I will send the fabric to you.

There is no guarantees that I will order additional for retail, so please do not rely on that and be disappointed.