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Pre order Guidelines & Custom Printing


Please DO NOT order any retail fabric with your pre-orders.

If you do we will send your retail and if we require more freight when the pre order arrives, we will contact you to pay the difference.

All our Pre-order and custom print takes 6-8 weeks to get back to us and then sent out to you, so please keep that in mind when placing your order, so that there is no expectation of receiving it immediately.

Please make sure to check the scale of the design before placing an order.

We are more than happy to scale a design smaller or larger for you if that is what you require.




Next print run is going 15th May 2024 




Choose your own Custom Printing:

How it works:

Choose Your own means printing an image that is not already set up on our website, something that you send us from Etsy, Shutterstock or Depositphoto

Pricing for Custom Print is higher than Pre order or already set up custom print, due to us having to confirm the sizing with you before it gets sent. It has a bit more work involved.

If you like a print you will be able to order it in a range of fabrics:  

Fabric Options: Composition Weight Width Price pm
Activewear 85P/17S 280g 150cm  $   37.00
Bamboo Spandex 95B/5S 220g 150cm  $   38.00
Boardshort Stretch 93P/7S 160g 150cm  $  32.00
Cotton Canvas 100C 250g 148cm  $   37.00
Cotton Spandex-220 95C/5S 200-220g 150cm  $  37.00
Cotton Spandex-260 95C/5S 240-260g 150cm  $  39.00
Cotton Woven 100C 135g 150cm  $  33.00
Cotton Poplin Woven 100C 120g 150cm  $  33.00
Cotton Woven Sateen(stretch) 97C/3S 205g 150cm  $   36.00
Double Brushed Poly 96P/4S 210g 150cm  $   31.00
French Terry-Cotton Elastane 95C/5S 280g 150cm  $   39.00
Linen 100L 145g 140cm  $   40.00
Minky-Double Sided/Squish 95P/5S 300-350g 150cm  $   38.00
Muslin 100C 120g 150cm  $   31.00
PUL - Laminated  100P 160g 150cm  $   32.00
Swim SPF 50 88P/12S 200-220g 150cm  $  33.00
P = Polyester
S = Spandex
C = Cotton

Custom Print is only available in 1m increments and minimum is 1m per print.



Choose from our already set up Custom DesignsUse the drop down menu under custom print to browse our designs from previous print runs.

Choose from our NZ Designers

Choose from the Printers Gallery

And the best option of them all is to have your own design printed on fabric, we are happy to help to make your art seamless or set up some panel or whatever your requirements are.

You can also choose any design from the internet to print.

PLEASE make sure that you have the correct licence to print the design.

If deemed a cultural design we can not be held responsible for anything regarding the print , due to lack of knowledge of the the culture or we even might not know that it is a cultural design 

We do not print licenced design or any R18 designs.

If you choose a licenced design from the printers gallery , please make sure that you are aware that it is only for personal use and not for resale.


Things we can not be held responsible for:

We can not be held responsible if the printer or customs are holding up the delivery.

There could be small faults on the ends of the fabric due to printing.

  1. Small specs due to ink is not seen as a fault. 
  2. Spot on the back of the fabric, that is not showing through to the front, is not considered a flaw.
  3. Colour may differ from what you see on screen and what is printed. Keep in mind it is the same as when you pick paint to paint your house, colour shades differ from paper to fabric.
  4. It is not in our control if fabric arrives in different lengths from the printer. It is not deemed a fault and we will not be held responsible or have to offer a reprint or refund.

Please keep in mind that prints differ in colour from one fabric to the other and we can not be held responsible for that.

More about our fabrics in our Terms and Conditions


Payment Options:

Paypal, Zip, Internet Banking, Credit card, Laybuy and Genoapay

DEPOSIT- 30% - If you want to use this option, please select Bank Transfer and let me know you would like to pay the order over the time we are waiting for it to arrive

PLEASE NOTE: I would need the 30% deposit before I will consider adding your order to our pre-order.

You will be able to use the same link for the invoice to pay of the remainder of the amount.