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B2B Discount Application

Guidelines for the B2B Discount with For Fabric Sake

We offer discount from the first meter and therefor need to state it very clearly that this is NOT for personal use.
We understand that small business starting, still buy small amounts of fabric and that is the reason for setting it up this way and we hope to help you to grow your small business into something bigger.

More about Discounts

If you are going to make an item for yourself or a family member which you will not be selling under your brand, then that is not seen as a business purchase.
If you want to purchase fabric for yourself or family please create a new email address and sign in as a regular guest on our website.

The email provided on the form, will be used to activate the discount account.
We will monitor from time to time and if you are not using our fabric for the purpose of your business we will make contact to discuss if the application should be re evaluated.

You will still earn Fabricoins (loyalty points) under the business sign in.

We will send you an email as soon as your application has been approved.

In the email we will send you a spreadsheet of the discounts that will be applied to your purchases, but you are able to see the discounts under more about discounts

Please note: Inform the staff  that you are a business when you shop in store so we can apply your discount as well.

Make sure to use the email that has been given on the application, because your account will be set up with that email address. Should you need to change it at anytime please let me know or you can do that on your account.

Please contact me if there is anything that is not clear at

By completing this form you agree to the above conditions