Banian Pants : 2-10 years

Pants for school or rough and tough time.
An awesome pair of pants to wear, easy to sew
With no hems in knee length or ankle length.

Banian Pants: Sizes – 2-10years

Sewing level: intermediate.
Construction processes: sewing seams.

Requirements for project:
Fabric- knit fabric: choose fabric with elastane/lycra content in a
single knit with a tight stretch.
* Can be made in other fabrics but may need elasticated waist.
Ankle Length : 6 months- 0.30 m,
9 & 12 months- 0.35m,
18 months- 0.40m.

Knee Length : 6 & 9 months- 0.25 m,
12 & 18 months- 0.30m.
Notions: Matching thread, Machine needle – ballpoint.
Tools: Sewing machine, (over-locking machine if available), scissors,
pins, iron/ironing board.

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