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How to order

Our pricing is per meter

We often have pieces or panels, so just read the description, but for anything else we sell by the meter.

We do not pre cut our fabric, so that means we sell off the roll/bolt.

Prices on the main screen is reflecting the lowest price per option available and because we sell half meters to you, it will show the price for the half meter option on the main product but when you click on the product you will have the different options available to you at different prices.

Please Note:

If you need .5m and there is none left but you can see stock of 1m , please message me and I can change the stock for you to order the .5m OR if you want 1m and only .5m stock left just add 2x in the quantity and you will get 1m :)


If you need 1.5m and we only showing 3 x .5m, you can still order that and we will cut in a continuous piece. Our first assumption is that you want it in one piece.

If it is not possible we will contact you first .

Our website is set up so that you can buy only half a meter and that is why you might see that the 1m pieces are sold, but is is only because we have divided our qty between the options you can choose.


If you want to purchase 1.5m 

Go and choose .5m, qty 1

AND choose 1m , qty 1

We will cut your fabric in a 1.5m piece