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Ballet Shrug : 2-10 years

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A short sleeved shrug for your little girl
that can be worn open or pinned in a variety of ways to create different looks.

Ballet Shrug: sizes – 2 - 10 years
Sewing level: intermediate.

Construction processes: stay-stitching, sewing seams and

Requirements for project:
Fabric- width 110 cm
- knit fabric: use single or double knit, soft merino (medium to tight
Length required:

2 & 4 years - 0.4 m

6 years- 0.45m
8 years- 0.5m

10 years- 0.55 m.

Notions: Matching thread, Machine needle – ballpoint.
Tools: Sewing machine, (over-locking machine if available),
scissors, pins, iron/ironing board.

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