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If you are looking for Organic, we have separated our collection so you can shop organic.

Do remember most of our product are OEKO-Tex certified.

cotton fabric that looks and feels great - supplied across New Zealand and worldwide

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Organic Fabric in Australia and New Zealand

We make shopping for organic fabric options easy, whether you are based in New Zealand or Australia. Organic fabrics are becoming an increasingly popular choice, and our range has been continuously expanding.

We strive to verify the organic credentials of every product that we list in our organic range. Many of those products have OEKO-Tex and/or Gots certification. OEKO-Tex certification means the product has been tested to confirm it doesn't contain harmful substances. Gots certification verifies the product is organic.

Organic Cotton Knit Fabric in Australia and New Zealand

If you want to make organic clothing and other items for yourself, you will find what you are looking for in our range. If you are a business that wants to use organic fabric products in the items you sell in Australia or New Zealand, we can help with that too. Browse the range today and contact us if you do not see what you need and we might be able to help you.

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