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Pre order ordering

Our pricing is per meter

  1. Choose your fabric type
  2. Choose your meter
  3. Scroll down and then add the quantity of the meters you would like


If you need 3m

Choose 1m , QTY 3

We do not offer half meter pieces in the Woven, Woven Sateen, Swim, Minky and Squish.

We do try and supply your fabric in one piece but we can not control how it arrives from the printer and we will contact you first before sending it if we know it might be a problem for you.



  1. Deposit You can pay a deposit and then you will be sent another invoice with the remainder to pay. You will be able to pay the remainder over the 6 weeks waiting period for fabric to arrive.
  2. Part Pay
  3. Credit card
  4. Paypal
  5. Direct Deposit- Please ensure to make at least the deposit if you select this option. Order will not be placed if we have not received at least the deposit of 30%