How to use Fabricoins

After I had to explain this to a customer this morning , I thought there might be a few more that is not sure what our reward system is about and how to use it.

Although so many are using it already, it is better not to assume everyone know and hopefully this is just a short explanation of how to use it.

You earn 1 Fabricoin for every Dollar spent.

Fabricoins can be used online or instore.

Fabricoins can not be used with any other promotion or discount.

We will not issue your reward without your permission, you need to agree for us to use it in store as well.

The Fabricoins do not expire, so as long as this business is operating you will be able to use your Fabricoins.


Sign in/Log in with your details to the website.

You will see the reward logo on the right bottom of your screen


When you click on the icon you will see the following pop up


Go to the second tab "Redeem Fabricoins"

You will be able to select if you which reward to use or just keep on shopping and it will add up to a bigger reward.

STEP 4: Select your reward

This is the screen you will get after choosing the reward and then when press "OK" you will be able to see the code to use


I used "Apply" and at checkout it looked like this

BUT you can copy the code and enter it yourself in the discount code space or if you forgot, you can use it the next time around.

The second option is to let me know you have not used it and I can add it back on to your Fabricoins.


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