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What is Fabricoins all about!

What is Fabricoins all about!


Fabricoins is our special reward system , JUST FOR YOU.

Earn as you shop online or in store AND Never Expires!

You earn 1 Fabricoin for every Dollar spent excluding taxes and freight.

Fabricoins can not be used with any other promotion or discount.

We will not issue your reward without your permission, you need to agree for us to use it in store as well.

The Fabricoins do not expire, so as long as this business is operating you will be able to use your Fabricoins.


Sign in/Log in with your details to the website.

You will see the reward logo on the right bottom of your screen


When you click on the icon you will see the following pop up

Few things are going on here.

BOTTOM LEFT - You will see your fabricoins balance

Here is shows you how many pints you need for your reward

250 Points for $5 reward

500 Points for $10 reward

1000 Points for $25 reward


Next item is the ? - this is where you will find some information if you are not sure.

When you switch tabs you will be able to see how to earn points. We will be adding more wasy to earn at a later date.



How to redeem the coins

There might be two options here for you.

1 - You already have a reward that you did not use with a previous sale and it will look like the one marked with yellow, just press copy and the number will be copied for you.

You then paste this code into the discount section

When you press apply it will apply the discount as below

2- You want to redeem a new reward

Very similat than the previous but only you will press REDEEM, marked with a yellow marker on the image as reference

When you press REDEEM

You will have to make the choice to go ahead or not, if you press the green tick

it will redeem your coins and you will follow the steps of copy and paste again as above.


You will also get an email with the code , but if you do not use the code it will stay in your section and can be copied again to be used with the next sale.

As soon as it has been used it will not be on the GET REWARD TAB.


Hope this explains it how easy it is to use and earn your points.

Now go and have a look if you have any or sign up to get your first 50 points!






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